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Tired of your 9-5 Job, tired of your boss yelling at you for no good reason, or you just got an Idea for your own startup which your senior thinks is a complete waste of talent and time? Ideas emerge when you are completely drained of serving someone else and wants to make your own name in the world, or when you are in a dire need of something but you get no help from anywhere in the world and that’s when you think you should start a website or a company or a product for the people so that they don’t have to face the same problem like you went through.
So finally after days of endless, sleepless nights, gathering the courage to quit your job knowing exactly you won’t be getting a fixed income henceforth, convincing our ‘never having faith in startups’ parents that this is what you want in life, discussing it with your childhood buddies over infinite bottles of beer, you finally start working on your idea.
But wait. You don’t have an experience or have an idea as to how to move forward with this life changing knowledge that you have got. That’s where we come in picture.
Vee9 Ventures is a Consulting Investment Company. We at Vee9 Ventures encourage amateurs to move ahead with their decision of starting their own company. We understand that you have a lot at stake when you come to us for our support and guidance.
Vee9 Ventures helps you to know if your idea is worth making a difference in the world. We guide you to move forward from just an idea to one of the leading companies in the world.
We nurture, foster your idea, support it with Finance and legal advices, Marketing Strategies, Competitive Approaches, guidance to enter an already satisfied market, how to make your product reach majority of the audience, consulting you in every step you take, supporting you with management policies and decisions, holding you with many failures you go through in the process of making your company global.
You just have to have an ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’ idea and rest will be taken care of, by us.

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