To touch 1 billion hearts.

To Encourage Entrepreneurship, Ignite Innovation and Motivate Mega-minds. To play an integral role in creating and shaping of the new emerging ‘DIY’ India.


We envision ourselves to foster 1 million Entrepreneurs by the 2021. The smallest idea to a breakthrough will be given requisite due diligence and measured and judged for its potential. If found viable it will be fostered and nurtured to perfection. All possible requirements of a Start Up will be catered to optimally.

Who are we?

Vee9 Ventures Pvt. Ltd., is a venture stemmed off of a dream, a dream to aid innovative potential ideas to gain wings and fly high, to be a part of their growth and confidently march with them to a bright and promising future.  Vee9 Ventures Pvt. Ltd is that ideal platform which bridges the gap and helps investors and entrepreneurs to find their right fit, which in turn evolve into dynamic business synergies.

What do we do?

We provide a 360 degree solution for ‘Start Ups’.

The emerging India is going to be a resource pool of new inventions and new ideas that’s going to hit the world with a Big Bang. And as we completely believe in this India, we at Vee9 ventures make sure that these ideas and innovations see the light of the day and shine bright.

We call it ‘VEEHUB’ a concept that completes a 360 degree with 4 different and distinct quadrants.