Challenge 1: Have an Idea, don’t know how to take it forward.
Solution 1: We at VEE9, ideate and create a vision for your Idea. We brainstorm and formalise a plan to give your idea a form. We handhold you and guide you through the entire process and see to your idea become a huge success.
Challenge 2: Have an Idea and an execution plan ready, but don’t have a space to try and test your idea?
Solution 2: We at VEE9, can create a customized infrastructure to meet your manufacturing / research needs. This would be a plug-n-play work place facilitated with the equipment and set-up as per your requirements.
Challenge 3: Have a product ready? Lack of resources stopping you from testing your product?
Solution 3: We at VEE9, can aid you in understanding the market potential, identifying the need gap, defining the product scope and finally launching the product in the right market at the right time with the right brand speak.
Challenge 4: Post the launch, confused how to take the brand forward? Cross roads are always the most difficult.
Solution 4: We at VEE9, have on board eminent professionals, ace in their respective fields, who have empaneled with to Mentor you. We will be able to provide you with the most apt Mentor, who with his rich experience, will be able to guide you to new heights.
Challenge 5: Have a great idea? Need someone to back it up and believe in yourself?
Solution 5: VEE9 will prove most helpful to you in this space. We have with us an array of interested investors to whom we would present your ideas. Will identify an interested investor for you, get his buy into the idea and help you find a benefactor. This will give your idea the requisite initial boost.