Dear Entrepreneur,


Dare to dream and have the zeal to make it into a reality but don’t have defined path in front of you? Be it money constrain, strategic constrain or even a space constrain which stands between you and your dream, if you are looking for any Start-up related aid, just reach out to us, we are just an arm length away.

Thus, the need of the hour is an organization who can hand- hold you at the right time and help you tide the tide. And that’s exactly what we specialize in at Vee9 Ventures. We bring you 360 degree solution for you start-ups.

Without any doubt any Entrepreneur’s aim is to be successful and create a name for himself  in the market and it goes without saying that this involves funding, this is where we, Vee9 ventures bring in a willing and potential investor to invest in your venture. Not only that we also co-fund startups at the initial stage as well as, on a perennial basis – that is ‘Funding’, to  overcome your ‘money constrain’.

Every start up needs the right guidance at the right time to make sure he’s treading the right path. Once a while he needs someone to give him just the right boost to accelerate towards success, we at Vee9 Ventures curates your idea, have mentors onboard who will provide practical and theoretical advise. We also aid in identifying potential market by conducting  market research – this is ‘curate and mentor’ to overcome your strategic constrain

Space is a very big constrain when it comes to start Ups, we at Vee9 Ventures provide incubation centers for Start Ups. A fully equipped station solely designed to make and test your product  this is ‘incubation’ to overcome your space constrain.